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About Quantum Chiropractic Arts

Every organ, tissue and cell in the body needs a continuous supply of nerve energy to perform the functions it needs to perform on an ongoing basis. The basic idea behind Chiropractic is that interruptions in the free flow of nerve energy deprive parts of the body of their ability to function properly, to fight off disease and to heal, and that the causes of these interruptions can be found and remedied by the hands of a trained expert, a Doctor of Chiropractic.

We are the only branch of the healing arts that fully recognizes the importance of this relationship. We work with our hands to remove the roadblocks that stop the flow of innate healing energy. If you have a cold or tingling fingers or constipation, we look to the nervous system. If you have anything going wrong in your body, we look for what’s not going right in the nervous system and do what we can to correct that, because the bottom line is that only your healing life force can cure you.

A Chiropractor can’t do anything about this or that ailment. What a Chiropractor can do is open up the pathways that let your healing energy flow out to work its perfect magic.

Chiropractors don’t treat diseases – we treat people.

People should be healthy. People should be able to do the things they enjoy without unnecessary pain, weakness and illness. I want people to be able to dance, golf, ski, walk up and down stairs, conceive children, eat food they like, sleep through the night, breathe freely, work out, ride their bike, pick up their grandkids … all the things people like to do, and feel good. And they should be able to do all this without having to spend lots of time and money in doctors’ offices.

It is my mission to help this happen.

I am dedicated to using my skills and knowledge to help people get back to living a normal life with a minimum of time and expense.