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Inability to conceive or maintain a pregnancy is a knotty problem for many hopeful would-be parents. We offer an approach that addresses aspects that are rarely if ever accounted for in the programs available at fertility clinics, and our number of positive outcomes is gratifyingly high.

The secret culprit in this situation is frequently the presence of miasmic interference at some stage of the reproductive system. A miasm is an energetic entity that is not in itself a disease, but has the resonant nature of a disease. If there is a miasm present in an organ, the body will view that organ as a threat to overall health and treat it accordingly by removing normal energy flow to the organ. If that organ happens to be the uterus, ovary or testicle, the hostile effect of the miasm makes conception and pregnancy virtually impossible, even when laboratory tests may seem to show that everything is normal.

While miasms are undetectable and untreatable by regular medical means, they are easily dealt with using the energetic and chiropractic protocols we employ.