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Back Pain / Neck Pain

Back pain is the first thing most people think of when they hear “chiropractor,” and for good reason. The basic theory behind chiropractic states that, since the nerves that supply functional energy to the muscles, tissues and organs of the body come off the spinal cord through channels between the vertebrae, minor displacements of the vertebrae can cause nerve irritation and illness in the tissues or organs served by the nerve in question. The original idea in chiropractic was not to treat back pain, but to undo disease-causing malfunctions at the spinal level.

This relationship between spinal function and organ health gains importance when we view it as a two-way street. Subtle changes in an organ can cause spinal reactions that result in back or neck pain. So, that pain between your shoulder blades may well be an early warning of a developing problem in stomach or lung or liver, among others. With kinesiological assessment, the details of what is causing spinal pain can be quickly tracked down so that the adjustment of the spine can have a much more lasting effect.