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What We Offer

Hi, this is Dr. Warren King.

What we offer at Quantum Chiropractic Arts is holistic, whole-person care. Using kinesiology to find faults and imbalances, and then chiropractic, cranio-sacral, acupuncture, qi gong and other therapeutic and energetic tools to restore function, we are able to address virtually any condition that doesn’t require immediate surgical or medical intervention. Before discussing specific problems, there are some basic points I want to make clear.

First, I don’t treat conditions. I treat people. Whatever your illness or pain may be, it is something your body is doing in response to a problem it is not able to solve on its own. If you have a headache, the headache is not the problem. The headache is telling us there is a problem. This is true of pretty much any symptom you can name. My work is geared toward finding out what your symptom is trying to tell us, and then doing what’s indicated to solve that situation. This is the only approach that makes sense to me. Any treatment aimed at simply controlling a symptom will give only temporary relief, and will likely make the process that produces the symptom more complicated.

Second, any symptom you have may be coming from a seemingly unrelated condition elsewhere in your body. Knee pain might be caused by an imbalance in large intestine, small intestine, gall bladder, prostate or uterus, even if there are no other symptoms with the organ involved. Back pain can come from undetected problems with almost any organ. Using the tools I have – kinesiology, acupoint stimulation, qi gong, myofascial release and chiropractic – the underlying causes of your symptoms can be tracked down and dealt with more effectively than with any other system I know of.

Finally, what I offer is not treatment, but results. I strive to define the problems and apply the solutions as quickly and efficiently as possible. I assume that people have better things to do than go to the doctor, so I try to get their needs filled in the minimum number of visits.

Call it outcome-based health care.

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